Happy Birthday Pretty Blog!


Today marks the first birthday of this little blog! I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since I wrote my very first post, ironically titled Yay! My First Post! I have learned so much about myself, met so many creative and inspiring people, gained so many wonderful opportunities, and done things I never imagined would ever be possible…all because I started writing this little blog!

I want to thank you ALL for continuing to read my rambles, for inspiring me, and for always, always, always supporting me. I always say that to overcome an eating disorder, or any other struggle in life, you need to find your voice…your own voice free of negativities and self-doubt…even if your voice is small and stuffed way down deep in your pinky toes. Grab on to that voice; feed it, nurture it, and love it, and your voice will grow.

I love that voice.



A Paper Surprise

Over the weekend I celebrated my best friend’s birthday (twenty-sixth, right?!) with a lovely surprise party planned by her husband and parents. I, along with another sweet friend, was assigned the fun task of providing decorations for the party.

Well, if you’ve been reading this blog at all you probably know that I’m going back to school. Going back to school equals being poor for the rest of your life. Being poor equals the need to get creative. Thank goodness Pinterest is free.

All the decor was created with paper, yarn, paint, cans, wooden sticks, and a little bit of rhinestone bling. Combine that with a hot glue gun, sand, a sewing machine, and some tape and you got yourself a party.

I arrived early to set up all the decor before the guests, especially the guest of honor, got there. I’m sure that I got many strange stares from the diners and servers as I stood atop the barstools to reach the ceiling. This was just the first time of many that I truly missed my 6’8″ handsomeness who was unable to celebrate with us.

When the guest of honor arrived she seemed completely shocked and surprised, and I’m pretty sure that she shed a tear when she saw me there. It was difficult to keep the secret all week when all I wanted to do was tell her how excited I was to be coming in town to see her!

It was a fabulous night.

Today is her actual birthday, and I’m so happy that she came into this world, umm…twenty-three(?) years ago, and that she came into my life four years ago. Happy birthday H.


Happy Birthday Husband

Journal entry from 8-5-02:

I don’t write that often, but when something wonderful comes along, I have to leave a memory of it. You never know how long good things last, and this is too good to leave unsaid. I’ve known this guy for awhile because he goes to my church. We took a trip to Colorado and I think that’s when it happened. We are dating now, and it is just wonderful. The bad thing is he’s leaving. He’s going to community college two and a half hours away from me. He leaves August 24th. I don’t know what is going to happen when he leaves; I am too afraid to ask. I don’t want this to end…it’s too much happiness to end. I guess I will just have to wait and see. I just pray that everything will end well and happily ever after!…but you never know.

There is a quote that I find good for this situation…

“I don’t know how God could allow us to meet if there’s no way we can be together.”
-City of Angels

Twenty-eight years ago today the man of my dreams was born. We have been together now a little over nine years and married over three of those…and they have been the best years of my life. And the best thing of all is that I know that the best is yet to come for us.

Matt is an amazing man…he’s a great teacher, a caring person, and the most supportive and loving husband a girl could ask for. I thank God that I am the lucky one to wake up and fall asleep next to him every day.

Happy birthday husband. I absolutely love you.


A Friday Affirmation

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so looking forward to this weekend because Sunday is the twenty-eighth birthday of the most handsome man on the earth!

I have had this idea for awhile to start a series of affirmations on my blog. So, before the weekend begins, I wanted to leave you with the first ever Friday affirmation…

Tia even cherishes her pretty paws!

True story: When Matt and I got her we couldn’t decide on what to name her. She ended up being nameless for three days. We kept going back and forth suggesting different names…each of which the other one absolutely did not like. Matt, for instance, wanted to name her Slugger. Um, she’s a girl…we weren’t about to name her Slugger. I’m pretty sure he came up with a few other ridiculous names.

I, on the other hand, kept coming up with adorable names. One of the names I had come up with was Frenchie. I thought of the name because all four of her little paws had white fur on the tips…like a french manicure! The husband didn’t go for it.

We came up with her name on the fourth day of having her while the husband was brewing some sweet tea in the kitchen. He looked at the jug of tea and said, “Why don’t we name her Tea? Tea…a. Tia!” Oddly enough I loved it and it stuck!

So there you go…an affirmation and a cute story to start your weekend! Have a good one!


P.S. I’d love to have you be a part of my Friday Affirmation series with your own affirmation, so if you are interested e-mail me at a.habermehl@yahoo.com! Thanks!

Jeans Shopping

This weekend when I saw my mom she asked me what my plans were for the weekend. I told her I was going shopping and that I needed some new jeans. Her first response was to my husband standing next to me, “Oh dear, are you the poor soul who has to go with her?”

My mom took me shopping for my twenty-fifth birthday a little over a year ago. What was I shopping for? One pair of nice jeans. Since this was for my birthday, I was ready to splurge a little bit and pick out a pair that was maybe slightly more expensive then what I’d normally pay for a pair of jeans. However, since they were going to be expensive, I required that they fit perfectly.

We went to store after store. I tried on probably a hundred jeans. In one store there had been a sales associate helping us who kept bringing different pairs of jeans for me to try on. After being less than impressed with most of them, we ended up leaving the store not having purchased anything. As we were walking out the sales associate (who happened to be of the male species) says, “You’re telling me that you didn’t like even one out of the eighteen pairs you tried on?”

The hours passed by, and as we approached late afternoon I was feeling discouraged…as was my mom and sister and grandma that had tagged along for my birthday. What did I do next?

I cried.

Which then made my sister cry…and my mom might have cried, too. My grandma…well, she didn’t cry…she’s usually off in her own world! In the end, though, I ended up finding one pair that fit well at the very last store that we went to. Long day, but a semi-success.

This year ’round I went into this process of jeans shopping with a different mentality. I would definitely say that I’m in a much better place in my life as far as body image goes, and I armed myself with a few “rules” for jeans shopping. (These are just rules that work for me, I’m not saying that they work for everyone. We are all different!)

1. Don’t let the size mess with your head. So many different brands run small or run large, so there’s really no telling which is right. And do you know what? It doesn’t matter. I am not a number and you are not a number. I think in my closet right now I have pants ranging seven different sizes.

2. Don’t go shopping when you are emotional. I’m not an emotional shopper by any means, and I’m not going to go out and spend a bunch of money if I’ve had a fight with my husband. However, I do know that when I’m feeling down, or stressed, or anxious, or angry, I am much more likely to have a negative body image.

3. Don’t buy a different size jean just because you think they might fit you in the future. I know this works for some people, but I am now a firm believer in buying clothes to fit you comfortably today. There are not many things worse than having a pair of pants in your closet that you hope to fit into someday. If you do lose weight then you can donate your old jeans, and then buy new ones for yourself again! Double score!

4. Take your time. Saturday wasn’t my first attempt at this jeans shopping extravanganza. I have actually gone out a few times in search of jeans. Saturday was just the first time I found some that I loved.

5. Don’t panic. It’s okay if nothing is fitting right. I’m pretty certain that less than 3% of all jeans are made to fit someone like me (and I bet we all feel that way!) If they fit my waist then they’re too tight in the thigh, or they it fit my thighs then they’re too big in the waist, or if they seem to fit perfectly then they’re actually too long, or I look weird in skinny jeans but stumpy in wide leg jeans…blah, blah, blah. It may take awhile…it may take trying on over a hundred pairs…but there will be a pair for you.

6. Remember that being a beautiful person doesn’t have anything to do with what is on the exterior. Yeah, yeah, it’s cliche, but it’s so true. When you are feeling discouraged, just remind yourself this.

7. When you find them, buy them! Or two. Or three!

(See, I told you they’d be too long! 🙂 )

Do you have any “rules” of shopping?!


August is Making Me Smile

Oh my goodness, this week is turning out to be so amazing. Actually, this entire month has been super great, and each coming day brings something new and exciting!

This week started out awesome on Sunday with the Susan G. Komen 5K in Kansas City. I have never been a part of a Susan G. Komen event before, and I highly recommend it to anyone who ever has the opportunity. There were over 30,000 people registered to be a part of it…it truly was a sight to see!

Not only was it a moving and inspiration event, but it was also the hubs’ very first 5K race! I was so proud of him, and it felt great to cross the finish line together! I will post a race recap with more pictures very soon!!!

On Monday I became a television star! 😉

On Tuesday I received this little gem…

I got accepted into nursing school for next summer! I knew the letter would be coming soon, and I obsessively checked the mail everyday. (Usually I only check it once a week…not really the best idea…I don’t think any of my mailmen have liked me!) When I saw where the letter came from, I started having unwanted deja vu from the last time I received a letter about nursing school…but as soon as I read “happy to inform you” I was relieved…and excited, and nervous, and just so darn happy!

On Wednesday I got to go to a cabinet training for my job. I got to watch a bunch of other cabinet specialists play Family Feud with questions about cabinets. (I, of course, did not volunteer to play!) It was totally awesome.

Sounds awesome, right? 😉

Actually, the winning “contestants” won a ten dollar gas card, and the lady sitting next to me gave me her card because she knew I was ten miles until empty and had no clue where the closest gas station was. She also looked up directions for me. It’s nice to come across genuinely nice people in the world!

The actual excitement on Wednesday came later when I got to see…

…drum roll please…………

Katy Perry!

Okay, this picture is obviously fake (and puts my graphic design degree to shame!) But I did get to see her pretty face from afar, witness her witty self, and listen to her catchy songs! (I know I’m a firework! Thanks, Katy!)

Thursday was kind of a plain day. Nothing crazy-exciting happened like the rest of the week, but I did get to spend most of the day with my handsome hubby before he went back to work today. Tear.

I truly am a lucky gal…he still loves me even though our kitchen floor looks like this…

Sorry honey, I’ll put those away today. Well, maybe.

Another reason this week has been great is because I have raised so much more money for Girls on the Run with my blog giveaway!!! I’ve received $90 in direct donations and seven new orders for notecards (that’s $49 more)!

I have a lot of printing, cutting, and folding to do!

Thank you so much for all your support. This puts me so much closer to my goal, but I still need your help! You can still enter my giveaway! For every $5 you directly donate you are entered to win three Soap It Up soaps and three notecard sets. There are more ways you can enter, just head to this post and see!

You can still order notecard sets also, just contact me with the design of your choice! And last but not least, today was my last sweaty, semi-long run before the big day, my first marathon, and I followed it up with a nice shower with a special new soap!

A new scent in honor of this awesome day! 🙂 Do you think it’s edible?


Hello August

August is one of my favorite months of the year! It used to be my absolute favorite, but my anniversary in July has made a move to number one in my heart. I love the overwhelming amount of sunshine (although it is not the best conditions for running…and I’m kind of over the record straight days of 100+ degrees), my birthday is in August, and it just seems like to most fun happens in August (however, my husband and friends might not agree since they have to go back to work in August)!

I have a ridiculous amount of things to look forward to this month, but first, look how July ended with a bang!

I completed my first eighteen mile long run last Saturday! And it was the best long run I have had yet this training period! I took it pretty slow, but was able to make it through with only minimal knee pain! I want to give a big thanks to the W.O.W. ladies for making the first twelve miles fly by!

Now, hello August!

I have Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure that I’m running in honor of my momma who beat breast cancer’s booty. My mom, along with her hubby, is also participating in the one mile walk for the cure, and my sister and her boyfriend are also doing the 5K! I’m so happy and proud of all of them! This is also the 5K that my hubs agreed to run with me…or should I say against me! We are pretty competitive people, so we have a bet on who will win…it should be a close race! (Wish me luck against those 6’8″ legs!!!)

I have my first and only twenty mile long run coming up in August. I actually think this comes before the Susan G. Komen 5K, which might hinder my chances of beating the hubs, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. You might think I’m crazy for putting this on the list of things that I’m excited for in August, but I am excited for it in a weird-I-hope-I-don’t-die-before-my-race-but-won’t-it-feel-awesome-to-finish kind of way.

I have the Katy Perry concert that my girlfriends bought me tickets to for my early birthday present! Mind you, this will be my first concert since I was in love with the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, 98 Degrees, and LFO. I’m so excited!

I have my twenty-sixth birthday, which at first I wasn’t at all excited for because of the fact that I don’t like even numbers, so I didn’t like the thought of being twenty-six. Then I realized something. A marathon is twenty-six (point two) miles. How neat is it that I get to run my first twenty-six miles just a week after I turn twenty-six years old?! Pretty. Darn. Neat. (In case you forgot…I am a dork.)

Which brings me to the next thing I have to look forward to this month…my VERY FIRST MARATHON! I can’t believe it is so soon…I am getting more and more excited (and more and more nervous) each day! I am so glad that I will have my girlfriends there running the marathon relay and my hubby and family there cheering me on! My mom told me she was buying poster board this week to make signs for me! I’m sure it is going to be just amazing (let’s just hope these 100 degree days go away before the 27th!)

And August has already started off great. Slowly but surely I’m getting the hubs to run more and more with me (I think he’s a bit nervous I’m actually going to beat him at the 5K!), and today he made two big accomplishments…the first was that he woke up before 6am with me to get in a morning run…and the second was that he ran his first five mile run! Before this morning he had never ran further than a 5K!

Go Matty!

I really enjoy our time running together. We don’t necessarily say much, but it feels so nice to have his company doing something I have started to love so much.

What is making your August amazing?


The Bonds of Pop Culture

This Book Club post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m not sure if I should admit it, but I am truly bummed that I cannot attend the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert next weekend. Yes, I am a twenty-five (almost six) year old who is sad about missing the chance to see the Backstreet Boys. It’s almost like fifteen years ago when I cried because I missed the chance to score great seats to the BSB concert by one person in line. Cried. We still got to go to the concert, but Brian Littrell might have pulled my sister up on stage if we were in front row seats.

I loved reading the chapter in The Girls From Ames about The Bonds of Pop Culture. The girls’ obsession with Rod Stewart, the Osmond Brothers, and the Jackson 5 reminded me so much of the time when I’d pop the Backstreet Boys or Boys to Men cassette tape into my walkman, put on my head phones, and walk up and down my street. I thought I was so cool. I remember walking back into my house so entwined with singing the song blaring in my ears that I didn’t notice my dad sitting in the living room observing my insanity. Needless to say…embarrassing.

(Not quite as embarrassing as the fact the my little sister was obsessed with Billy Ray Cyrus…no, not Miley…Billy Ray…and she had a jumbo poster of him and his mullet in a frame!)

I remember sitting up in my best friend’s bedroom…her, my sister, and me…writing letters to each of our favorite Backstreet Boy members. Actually they wrote letters, I, being the wonderful artist at the age of ten, decided that it would catch Howie’s attention better if I drew and sent him a portrait of himself. Weird and creepy.

(I guess I had a “thing” for curly haired boys back then, too!)

Fast forward now to present day as I am mourning the fact that I never got to give Howie that picture and that I won’t get the chance to do so next Saturday. The truth is, I haven’t been to a concert since back in those days when I was a preteen, and my best friends think that is just craziness.

So, for my twenty-seventh (Wait…didn’t I just say I was twenty-five? That’s right, I’m skipping twenty-six because I don’t like even numbers.) my best friends surprised me with concert tickets to see Katy Perry!So, while I may have dismissed pop culture for the past several years, I’m proud to say that I’m back in it, and that I cannot wait until August 17th!

Thank you so much Heather and Casey for a wonderful birthday present, and I can’t wait to sing along, or scream, or jump up and down, or whatever people do at concerts now-a-days with you girls! ‘Cause baby, we are ALL fireworks!

(Umm…wow…way too cheesy!)


Happy Birthday Tia Baby!

In case you didn’t know, Sunday was my little baby Tia’s third birthday!

Princess Tia

Yes, I'm a princess!

She was sooo excited to get her new birthday bone! (She is very hard to photograph because she moves so fast!)

Mommy, give it to me!

Then we spent the late afternoon and evening playing in our new backyard. Tia loves looking out at the creek.

Yes, I am a gooooood girl!


Thank you everyone for all the birthday love!


love, ang and Ti-ti