An Extra Special Merry Christmas To…

…Sarah from Once Upon a Lime!!! Merry merry merry Christmas girl! You are my giveaway winner and will be getting a stack of four Soap It Up soaps (and maybe some extra goodies!)!!!

(Please e-mail me at with your mailing address!)

First of all, congratulations on getting married this year and celebrating your first married Christmas! That is way too fun!!! Second of all, cucumber cantaloupe and peppermint cocoa are two of my favorite flavors (okay, so they all might be my favs) and you will be getting BOTH of those! Woohoo!

I loved reading all your comments on why this time of the year makes you smile…you all made me smile! I wish that I could send a soap package to each and every one of you because I appreciate you all so much, but unfortunately going back to school has made me poor. I’m sure you understand. But…I will try to send you a bunch of Christmas cheer through my blog…did you get it yet?!

For now, I have to go get ready to do some Christmas shopping, get my cookies ready for my cookie party (YUM!), and wrap up my gift for my girlfriend’s gift exchange tonight!

Ho ho ho ho ho!


A Few Friday Favs

Good afternoon pretties! I’m geared up and excited for the weekend! It seems kind of strange that I’m running a half marathon on Sunday. I remember for my first half marathon there was so much excitement leading up to the big day…even weeks before. This time around the whole process has seemed somewhat casual.

I’d come home from a long run, and the husband would ask me how far I went. When I would tell him, “Nine miles,” or, “Ten miles,” he would reply, “Well that’s not very far.”

I promptly told him if that’s what he thought then he should go out and try it.

Yeah. That’s not happening.

No matter what, though, thirteen point one miles is a long way. It is hard, it is challenging, and it is rewarding. It is going to be exciting!

In honor of my thirteen point one to come, I want to share with you some of my favorite things right now.

Number one:

This hot pink running jacket. I’ve shared it on the blog before, and I will say it again. The color pink, specifically hot pink, has magical speedy powers. I hope this theory proves true again come Sunday.

Number two:

Black cherry Clif Bloks. I think I’ve had enough mocha flavored Clif Shots to last me for awhile now, so I picked up these at the store to give them a try. These bloks are delicious…seriously…they are like big fruit snacks. They will definitely be stowed in in the pocket of my hot pink running jacket on Sunday.

Number three:

A pretty and sparkly pink headband ear warmer made by the one and only Mamzie (my grandma). I have worn a special creation from my Mamz at every big race I’ve done this year…my first race of the year, my first official race recap, my first half marathon, and my first marathon.

I have a funny story about this particular headband. In August I had asked her to make me a headband for my marathon. I said that I wanted a pink headband with a flat, sparkly flower on it. When I said headband, I was imagining a regular elastic headband to hold my hair from sweating into my eyes. When she heard headband, she imagined what you see above…an ear warmer. So, that is what she made…and ear warmer headband with a flat, sparkly flower.

“Mamaw, I can’t wear this in August in the 90 degree weather,” I had to tell her. She replied, “I thought it seemed odd that you wanted one.” She’s too cute.

So, I will be wearing that headband on Sunday…in much more appropriate temperatures.

My last two favorite things do not have to do with the race…

Number four:

This fabric. I will be creating something this weekend using this pretty awesome looking fabric. I wonder what it will be?!?!

And last but definitely not least, it wouldn’t be a complete favorites things list without a picture of this…

Number five:

Goodness she is cute!

Have a good weekend!!!


P.S.  I can’t forget a Friday affirmation! We are deserving of all things good in our lives. When something good happens to me, I can use that to do something good for another person.

Five Favorite Marathon-Obsessed Things

I’m seriously in love with a few new things right now…and it all has to do with my marathon! 🙂 I look back on pretty much anything and everything that had to do with the marathon or that day nostalgically. Yesterday when I got dressed I thought aawww…these were the shorts I wore when I ran my first marathon! When I made breakfast this morning I thought yummm…this was what I ate before my first marathon! I see that one lonely mocha Clif Shot sitting on the counter and I think poor little thing…I don’t know when I am going to eat you again. I feel a little bit sad that my flowers are dying and that my tan lines from my running shirt from that day are starting to fade.

So…besides shorts, edible gel, and dead flowers, what are my favorite things?

Favorite thing number one: The fact that I still have all ten of my little hot pink toenails!

I was terrified that they’d all fall off after the race after everything I’ve heard from other runners, but it’s been six days and all ten of them are holding on strong!

Favorite thing number two: Hot pink nail polish with super powers that makes you feel good and run fast!

I had all ten fingers and and all ten toes painted in this rockin’ color on race day, and it had to have had super powers. I literally remember looking down at my hand, seeing the hot pink and thinking to myself go faster. Weird, I know, but I’m telling the truth.

Favorite thing number three: The North Face water bottle!

This little baby saved my life. I knew that all the runners would be required to carry hydration with them for the entirety of the race and I had never done that before so I was nervous. I went out shopping for a water bottle with a hand strap the night before and I found one for eighteen dollars. I opted not to spend my life savings (a little over dramatic? Maybe…) to buy a water bottle and just told myself I’d carry a regular old plastic one if I had to. When we got to the race I saw that they were giving out these North Face bottles to all the runners for free, and I was super excited to see they were black and pink!

Once the race started I really didn’t even notice I was holding it. It didn’t feel heavy and I definitely needed the hydration! I can’t even remember how many times I filled it up! I know that I refilled it every mile after twenty…it was hot!

Favorite thing number four: My first 26.2 shirt!

True story…I had to pull this shirt out of the dirty laundry basket to take a photo of it.

It’s kind of a funny story with this t-shirt. When I went to packet pick-up the day before the race they asked me if I wanted a black or a white shirt. I chose black because I figured the white one would get see-through-ish if I ran in it. After they gave you the shirt you had to take it to another tent to get it screen printed for your particular race (pretty cool idea!) I handed the screen print guy my black shirt, he screen printed it then handed it back to me.

Uuummm…it was black ink on a black shirt.

I was too afraid to ask for a new one, but I really really really wanted a cute shirt for my first marathon! So, the next day after my race I had my mom go trade it in for a different one. They gave her that pretty orange-y-coral-y color that I loved and she took it to go get screen printed.

Well…they screen printed it for the marathon relay race.

She went back again, traded it in again, and had it screen printed with 26.2. Third time’s a charm! Now I want to wear it everyday…maybe it’ll motivate me to do the laundry a little more often. 🙂

Favorite thing number five: My North Face Endurance Challenge medal!

I only have one question. Is this an acceptable form of jewelry? Please say yes.

I think I’m a little obsessed. 🙂


Oh Happy Day!

I am feeling in such a good mood today! I have had some pretty serious posts lately, proof being that my daddy admits to crying in the library every time he reads one, so I wanted to create a more lighthearted post today!

Sooo…here are some things that are making me oh-so-happy today!

1. Every time I come home I have this pretty princess waiting for me! Awww!

The Cutest Doggie Ever

2. I get to move soon! Goodbye seventies wood-paneling and hello dishwasher!

3. New pretty nail polish! Woowee!

New Aqua Nail Polish

(I saw a color similar to this on Katie’s blog awhile back, and I had to have it!)

4. I am the new middle school volleyball coach where my hubby works! Yeah!

5. Mexico in seventeen days…with all my best friends and hubbies! Aaaahhhhh!

Beautiful Mexico Ocean

What is making you happy today?!


My Friday Favorites!

I have missed blogging!!!  My to-do list is a mile long, and unfortunately, studying Microbiology and going to work has been higher on the list than blogging 😦  Don’t worry, the test is Monday, so I’ll be back to blogging everyday by then!  It is crazy that my site is not even a month old yet, but blogging has turned into somewhat of a meditation for me…a part of the day that is just for some “me” time…a time when I can share my thoughts instead of keep them deep down to myself…a time when I can talk about my past and look forward to my future!

In all the joyfullness that Friday’s bring, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite things…right now…

Favorite Number One:

Coffee!!!  I haven’t been drinking coffee very often lately…mostly because I always forget to make it in the morning or all my coffee cups are sitting in the sink…dirty.

Un-fav: the Microbiology textbook under the coffee…definitely NOT one of my favorite things!

Exhibit Number Two:

Tom’s Shoes! For every pair you buy, Tom’s will give a pair of shoes to a child in need!  What could be better than that?  I got these for Christmas and I haven’t been able to wear them very much, but I’m busting them out today! These are a pair that I would love to have!

Un-fav:  price. (But at least it’s for a good cause!)

Favorite Number Three:


Not necessarily the taste (even though it is pretty tasty), but I’m loving the smell of honeydew. Particularly honeydew soap by Soap It Up, Gourmet Soaps By Di.  (I happen to be a little biased because the owner of this small business is my momma…but her soaps really are amazing!) I also want to buy the Honey, Do! {what a cute play on words!} scent for my Scentsy burners.  The smell of honeydew is just so fresh and makes me sooo excited for summertime!

Favorite Number Four:

My date with Yogurtini today!  Yum yum…coconut soft serve with tons of fresh fruit and chocolate chips on top!!!

Favorite Number Five:

I am loving all the support I receive from all of YOU on my last post!  You never know how you will be perceived when telling a story about your past…especially when it is about a controversial subject like eating disorders.  I am not ashamed of my eating disorder, but it can still be challenging to talk-or blog-about it.  Thank you for ALL of your support!