“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”

I have that quote framed in my bedroom – a gift from my mother-in-law for the husband and my first married Christmas. I have been a fan of that sappy-love-story quote for quite some time, and as I wake up and see it every morning, I continue to try to make it a part of my daily existence.

I haven’t written very often this summer, even though, ironically enough, my last post was entitled I’m Back. However, in my literary absence, Mr. Six Eight and I did take a two week jaunt through five states…enjoying every moment along the way.

Joplin, Missouri…talk about taking your breath away.

Somewhere between Missouri and Alabama…the midwest makes for the longest alphabet game ever. But, I love it.

New Orleans, Louisianna…where we celebrated four years of marriage and ten years together.

Gulf Shores, Alabama…where each morning when I woke up I was reminded of what God’s beauty truly is. Somehow sunshine, sand, ocean waves, and my husband constantly reminding me to apply sunscreen have the ability to bring peace to my heart.

In just a couple weeks my life will be bombarded again with school, coaching, and work. And as grateful as I am for all my opportunities coming up in the future, I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to spend such precious moments with my happiness.





My Pinky Toes in the Sand – Part Uno

Las chicas:

Megan (and Mac!), Heather, Kellie, Casey, Me, and Amber

Los chicos:

JR, Matt B., my Matt, Nate, Lance, and Seth...ooh lah lah!

The hubs and me on the most ridiculous “50 best dance songs sung by other artists to techno music” bus ride to the resort:

So excited!

Hello ocean. I love you.

The Riviera Maya

The hubby and I before our first day of sand volleyball:

This was the first of about one hundred pictures like this!

The group playing some beach volleyball:

Nice spike Matt B.!

Friends, you really impressed me during our games! I’m so proud of you all!

Good dig Casey!

Not only did we play beach volleyball…

My Matt playing some mean defense!

…but we played some water polo, too!

Go yellow team!

The cheerleaders:

Casey, Heather, and Megan

The whole gang!

Dinner Club in Mexico!

The hubs and me and our creeper friends:

Well hello Nate and JR!

Palm Tree

Palm Tree!

The bests with our three hundred pesos bottle of sunscreen:

Lovely Ladies.

Wait! I want in!


Dear ocean, did I mention that I love you?


And I couldn’t leave out the best bartender in Mexico:


Mexico, I miss you already.



I’m trying to use that power of positive thinking mantra to get me going today. Do I actually feel motivated today? Honestly, not yet…but I’m going to keep talking about being motivated, so that hopefully by the end of this post I will be!

My mini goal was to wake up by 8:30am everyday this week. I woke up at 8:39am today {deduct one point for being nine minutes late}. Still, I consider this morning a success. I have a cup of coffee next to me {I don’t think this counts as hydration, but there is water in coffee…no points, just a wash}, some toast toasting away in the toaster {score one point for using some form of the word “toast” three times in one sentence}, Tia has taken up post in her window, and the sun is actually shining so I may go for a run! {One point for Angela!}

Go for a run?! But that wasn’t on your training plan for the week {and one of your mini goals was to stick to your training plan!…minus one point for Angela.}

I love having a plan, I need plans, but I also know that something always comes up or life throws in a curveball. Life threw me a good curveball for this week…I’ve signed up to run a 5K on Saturday. {Add one point for signing up for a race!}I haven’t ran a 5K yet this year, so I am really excited…and it is actually right here in my town…AND it’s for a wonderful, super amazing, awesome cause! {Score three more points for me!}

(I probably won’t get close to my sub-24 minute goal, but I think this race will give me a good idea of how I should continue my training to meet this goal!)

Even though I am not completely sticking to my training plan, I am still going to go to yoga today, so I will get in a good stretch. {And another point for Angela!}

Overall I ended up the morning five points on top (whatever that means!) Woohoo! How many points did you earn this morning?

On another note…tomorrow is………dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn…

…my first book club post {score a point for fun, fancy, cute lettering…that brings me up to six points on the day!} Remember, we read the introduction and the first chapter The Girls in the Photos. Here is one questions to ponder for tomorrow…

Based on the small amount of information that you’ve read about the girls so far, which of the eleven do you relate to the most?

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


If It Wasn’t Meant To Be, Then It Wouldn’t Have Been

Now to continue on with my weekend festivities

I was very excited to have my first trip to a winery this past weekend…that was until my mom informed me that I had been to a winery before. I thought how would she know if I’d been to a winery before…I think I’d know if I had. She then informed me that her and my Mamaw (actually my grandma…but she is not a grandma, she is called Mamaw) had taken my aunt and me to a winery when we were little.


So, my second trip to a winery this past weekend was…

The gorgeous Heather and Casey!

A M A Z I N G…

and B E A U T I F U L…

and D E L I G H T F U L…

and M E M O R A B L E…

and D E L I C I O U S…

and H I L A R I O U S (silly faulty picnic tables!)!!!

And can I just say, that I have the best friends ever!We talked about how lucky we all are to have each other…how three (or more!) is not a crowd for us…how we should start a book club (hence…why the book club was born!)…and how crazy it is that we all became friends.

If my husband hadn’t been best friends with Heather’s husband all their lives, I would have never met her…and if her husband would’ve married someone else, then I would never have met her either…and if Heather had never met Casey in grad school…and if Casey would have always thought Heather looked like a snobby girl…and if Heather hadn’t invited Casey to go to Bunco…it could go on and on!!!!!

Thank goodness that God knew we needed each other.

And thank goodness for bananas in purses.

And thank goodness for Casey’s hubby for picking us up. A designated driver is always a necessity.

We were meant to be. If it wasn’t meant to be, then it wouldn’t have been.


Marathon Training Week 2 – Check!

Time flies! I can’t believe that I’ve already finished two weeks of training for my marathon! Actually, week two isn’t completely finished, but tomorrow is a rest day (a.k.a. my first time ever going to a winery!), and Sunday is a cross training day, but that will be simple (and hopefully I can talk my hubby into joining me!).

It is a beautiful day today, so I decided to take my run outside!

Unfortunately, I do not know the roads very well in my town, and I have an unreasonable fear of being hit by a car or kidnapped, so I decided to take my run down to the track at the university.

Today was my “long run” of the week…seven miles. (Today this seems like a long run…in a few weeks when I’m running anywhere from ten to twenty miles, seven will seem easy!) I was nervous going into this because I feel like I’ve lost some of my endurance since I took a little bit of time off after my half marathon, but it actually felt really good!

But let me tell you…twenty-eight laps feels like forever on a track.

Around and around and around and around…..

…..and around and around and around and around!

I was really happy with how it went. I finished seven miles just under sixty-six minutes. This was probably my best run of my marathon training so far, and I think my muscles are finally getting back to normal. I still think I need a foam roller though!I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’m looking forward to my weekend! I have lots of fun stuff in store that I can’t wait to share with you all!


Sunshine and Mexican Food!

I finally feel like spring has sprung! Sunshine has that undeniable ability to put a smile on my face!Just look at these beautiful flowers! (I know these are actually weeds…but I like to pretend otherwise! I remember when I was a little girl I picked a bunch of these dandelions and put them in a cup with water on our kitchen table…then my mom asked me why I put weeds on the table…and I cried!)

I was able to run outside last Saturday, and now today, too! It feels so good to feel the warm sun on my skin. I just love being able to workout outside. I can’t wait until my hubby has more free time and then we will ride our bikes, play tennis, or go golfing. I love this kind of weather!!!

Tia even loves the sunshine, too!This weather makes me crave mexican food. Okay, okay…I’ll admit it…I crave mexican food all the time, not just on sunny days, but let’s just go with it 😉

The hubby and I had mexican dinner on Saturday night, so since I finished all our salsa over the weekend, I decided to get creative (for me) and make some sort of burrito for lunch today. I decided to use soft shells, refried beans (which I just found out I love…crazy for me, I know!), shredded cheese, onion, jalapeno, pepper, and sea salt.It was delicious (a little messy though)!I love adding onion and/or jalapenos to everything right now. Yummy!

I would really like to be able to open our windows to let the beautiful weather inside…but we have a little problem…

Eek! Wasp! (Actually wasps…plural…the other ones were off hiding.) They are living between the screen and the glass…so if I opened my window they would come in and get me! I’m terrified of wasps…and bees, and anything with a stinger…I’ve never been stung in all twenty-five and a half years of my life…and I’m sure I’ll probably just die of I ever was stung. Help!

What do you love to eat and do on sunny days?