Pretty Pretty Punters Go Undefeated

It’s no secret that my husband is a sports fan. His six foot eight self played sports since he was a little baby, he has about thirteen hundred and seventeen t-shirts from all of his teams, some dating back to middle school, hanging in his closet (and I actually have one of his little league t-shirts!), and there are two times a year I know he will be all giddy and unable to control his excitement. One might guess the usual times of the year that are most peoples’ favorites, their birthday and Christmas. For Matt? Nope.

Our wedding anniversary?


If you guessed March Madness and the Fantasy Football draft you guessed right!

(Mr. Pretty Pretty Punters with Mr. Battling Bruisers)

I’ve always been competitive myself, and each year I have filled out my March Madness tournament bracket (usually based on which team colors I like to most), but I’ve never been all that interested in football. Yes, I like watching Matt Cassel try to throw some passes on television each Sunday, and yes, I enjoy myself a few drinks at a tailgate, but a zillion hours a weekend dedicated to football and football only…not so much.

Or should I say…that was until all of us wives of sports-obsessed men decided to start our own fantasy football league.

Now you can find me cuddled up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, watching the Red Zone, listening for my players names to be said by the announcers, hopefully for running the ball in for a touchdown, drooling over the pretty shades of pink sports accessories the players have on in honor of breast cancer awareness month, and updating my fantasy football app every thirty seconds now and then.

And, I am proud to say that my Pretty Pretty Punters have been doing exceptionally well as we have started the season with a four game winning streak. We have been practicing very hard choosing the right shade of lipstick to use instead of eye black. It is paying off. We are undefeated. Unstoppable. And we are looking good.

I think it’s definitely necessary to thank the Baltimore Ravens’ defense for this weeks win over the Breaston Plants. And thank you Mark Sanchez for doing not so awesome. Thirty-two points from a defense. Yes please.

Unfortunately, next week is the Raven’s bye week…and I’m playing the Battling Bruisers…the second place team…also undefeated. It’s a big week! Umm…husband, I need your help!

Speaking of the husband again, he has this problem of talking in his sleep sometimes. Most of the time he whispers sweet nothings in my ear, tells me he loves me, or sometimes just mutters sounds that can only be explained as a made up language. But on Sunday night?

A reception gets you half a point.”

Now-a-days, that is a sweet nothing.


“We Will Recover…

…and come back stronger than we are today.”

City Manager Mark Rohr, Joplin Missouri

I had a great weekend. I met someone really special. I ran a race. I won a race. I PR’ed. I spent some much needed time with the husband. I stayed up late. I watched movies. I ate pizza. I had big plans on what I’d blog about come Monday morning.

Then it hit. It hit Joplin, Missouri. It hit Joplin hard. HARD.

It hit too close to home.

I live in Missouri, a couple of hours away from Joplin, so of course I can feel the overwhelming angst surrounding this terrible occurrence. However, had it been any other city…some city I wasn’t familiar with…maybe my heart wouldn’t feel so heavy.

I lived in Joplin for a year. And before I actually lived in Joplin, I drove there pretty much every other weekend for four years to sneak into Matt’s dorm and spend the night with him. It was the city I attended my first college football game, college basketball game, and the city I first played the game “baseball” in. It was the city where I first lived with Matt. It was the city where I ended up graduating from college. I’ll be honest…when I lived there I kind of despised it, but that probably had to do with the fact that we lived in an apartment complex that just happened to have a roach problem. And although my roach infested memories are the most vivid in my mind, I do have some pretty good memories from Joplin.

I sat and watched the Weather Channel for hours yesterday evening. I cursed the television when they would play the local on the eights; I just wanted to see the twister. I wanted to see Joplin and all the places I used to go. The hospital…gone. Wal-Mart…gone. The local high school where Matt did his student teaching…gone. It really is unbelievable. Unbelievable.

And then I wanted to see where it was going. My mom is on vacation in southern Missouri. My mom was too close for my comfort. This murderous twister…too close to home. I made her text me over and over until I knew it had to have passed. Her and her hubby are fine. Thank You God.

My heart aches for the people that live there. It aches for the ones who have lost their lives…it aches for the people still undiscovered or trapped……it aches for their families…it aches for the now homeless…it aches for the injured. I’m sure they are scared, and I just want them to feel okay again. I don’t do well with the waiting, the rebuilding, or the time in between tragedy and wellness. I want to take away all those peoples’ sadnesses now. I wish I could.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I wanted to see the updates on twitter and Facebook. Old acquaintances from Joplin informing the world when they made contact with their loved ones. Some people posting and spreading pictures of their loved ones still unfound. People organizing search parties, and people offering their homes for anyone who needed shelter. People posted links where you can donate to Joplin through the Red Cross and links where people could declare themselves safe so their families wouldn’t worry.

I’ve seen a first-person video taken by a young man who had taken cover with twenty other individuals in a walk-in freezer of a convenient store when the tornado struck. The video is nearly all blackness, but the emotion in the audio is heart-stopping. Perfect strangers telling each other they love each other, people proclaiming to Jesus over the roar of the twister, and then, finally, people asking each other if everyone is alright. Luckily, all those people survived.

I am lucky. I have so many blessing in my life. My family and my loved ones are lucky. I love you all. Remember to make sure the people in your life know that you love them.

As devastating as this tornado has been, a feeling of togetherness has formed out of the tragedy. People, even strangers are coming together to help one another. Medical personnel, fire fighters, policemen, and just regular people have come from surrounding cities to help dig through the rubble. And as City Manager Mark Rohr said,

We will recover and come back stronger than we are today.”

Please keep Joplin in your prayers.


Mindfully Indulging

Do you ever watch those mushy, romantic, sappy movies, and at the end of them you wish that it would happen to you?  I used to compare my life to these movies all the time…A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Titanic, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor…Ben Afflect take me away!


Last night, as I was sitting my my computer with my headphones on catching up on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy and America’s Next Top Model, drinking my delicious Landshark, I looked over at my husband on the couch who was intensely watching March Madness basketball and twittering on his iPhone at the same time, and I thought to myself, I am living out those movies!

What a fun adventure we are living out together!

(If you can’t tell already, I’m kind of obsessed with our photographer!)

But enough with my sappy love story.  On to the next subject…

I definitely have a guilty obsession watching America’s Next Top Model.  I haven’t missed an episode yet in all fifteen complete seasons, and I am currently updating myself with season sixteen on my computer (since we no longer have a DVR!)  I admit that I love watching ANTM, and if Tyra ever does another season for short girls, I will definitely tryout for the show.


However, part of me feels guilty for watching it, because in a lot of ways it promotes everything that I am kind of against.  I feel hypocritical for enjoying a television show that is somewhat promoting the idea of “super-skinny” is equal to beautiful and model-esque, while I am trying to promote the idea that everyone should feel beautiful!  I do believe that people should indulge in their guilty pleasures, so I allow myself to keep watching the show, but the episode I watched last night had a few things that rubbed me the wrong way…

First of all, the episode started out by talking about nutrition…a very important subject.  Tyra brought her nutritionist to talk to the contestants about making healthy choices when it came to “cheaties.”  Cheaties, as Tyra called them, are foods that you should only “indulge” in only on a few occasions.  One of these foods was a bagel with peanut butter spread.


I’m sorry, but I think if you want to have a bagel with peanut butter every morning, than that is okay!  It is a good source of carbohydrates (and we NEED carbs!), protein, and fat.  You just have to keep in mind what you eat the rest of the day.  (Disclaimer: I am by NO means a nutritionist or registered dietition, this is just my point of view from my experiences.)

I don’t like the idea of “cheaties” or splurges or anything of that nature.  I have fallen victim to that game too many times in my life.  Now I can open a bag of chips, eat a few, then put the bag away and save the rest for another day…instead of opening the bag and eating the entire bag because it is the one day a week I set aside to have a “cheatie.”  I believe that we should indulge in a healthy, moderate manner, and just be mindful of the wonderful foods we have the pleasure of tasting!

What do you think?