I’m Back!

No, I haven’t left town or gone anywhere exciting, not yet at least.

I’m back to the pavement! After several weeks away from running, trying to give my pesky knee some time to heal, and working on increasing my strength (soon-to-come: unassisted pull-up), I’ve finally been able to officially start training for the Chicago Marathon!

I’m a week and a half in, and I’m absolutely loving living by my beautiful, colorful training calendar. Obviously having not run very much the past month, I’m starting out pretty slow with low mileage, but I hope to be working both (speed and miles) up in the very near future. I also want to keep focusing on strength training and incorporate a lot of speed training!

Last night the tall man (a.k.a. husband) and I hit up the track for some speed work. We did several 100 meter sprints, a few 200 meter sprints, then we split up and I continued with an 800 hundred sprint (um, can you call that a sprint?), and my fastest ever mile run…seven minutes and twenty-one seconds.

To some, that might not seem all that fast for just one mile, but when I pressed the lap button on my pretty little Garmin and saw 7:21 flash before my eyes, I was ecstatic! After watching the Olympic track trials on television, witnessing 200 meter times in the 20 second range, and then running my own huff-and-puff-tastic 200s in 43 slow and agonizing seconds, I thought I’d lost any resemblance of speed I might have once had. However, 7:21 is at least 15 seconds off my mile PR, so I guess somewhere in these quads of mine is some super-duper-fastness waiting to get out.

I have to give credit to my precious little dog Tia. We took her to the track with us so she could get some fresh air, and after Matt was finish with his workout he took Tia off her leash to play. I was halfway around the track into the first lap of my mile when I heard some cute little footsteps chasing behind me. After nose-diving in a hole in the grass and flipping three times, little Tia eventually passed me and stayed a few steps ahead of me the rest of the mile.

What a good little pacer she is. 🙂

And what a wonderful husband this guy is…

On Sunday he woke up at 5:00am (a huge accomplishment in itself), drove us an hour to downtown Kansas City, and ran the All Star Game 5K (third race ever) in the crazy midwest heat with me. #proudwife

I think I’m turning us into a cute little family of runners! Maybe. 🙂



Happy Week Ahead!

I know I’ve said before that I’m a Thanksgiving scrooge, but I’m in a good mood on this lovely Monday, so I’m proud to say that I’m looking forward to a wonderful holiday week!

Unlike little Tia, who had to endure a traumatic and horrid bath this morning, along with mommy forcing a bow in her hair, there are a few very good reasons that I’m in such a good mood today.

(Little does she know that this pink bow is going to give her super speedy powers…maybe now she’ll be able to catch those squirrels.)

1. I got to see my beautiful mom, dashing dad, gorgeous sister, sweet Mamaw, and handsome Rob this weekend. I didn’t get to see them for very long, but just long enough to share some smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses. (I must be the luckiest girl to have the most aesthetically pleasing family?!)

2. I woke up with tight tight hamstrings (that’s not a typo…the double “tight” is for emphasis), sore calves, and a strangely chafed collarbone. These might seem like things that would put a person in a not-so-good mood, but they have done the opposite for me…

…which makes sense, since…

3. I got a bright and shiny new half marathon PR on Sunday! (More to come on that tomorrow!)

Happy Monday!



A Few Friday Favs

Good afternoon pretties! I’m geared up and excited for the weekend! It seems kind of strange that I’m running a half marathon on Sunday. I remember for my first half marathon there was so much excitement leading up to the big day…even weeks before. This time around the whole process has seemed somewhat casual.

I’d come home from a long run, and the husband would ask me how far I went. When I would tell him, “Nine miles,” or, “Ten miles,” he would reply, “Well that’s not very far.”

I promptly told him if that’s what he thought then he should go out and try it.

Yeah. That’s not happening.

No matter what, though, thirteen point one miles is a long way. It is hard, it is challenging, and it is rewarding. It is going to be exciting!

In honor of my thirteen point one to come, I want to share with you some of my favorite things right now.

Number one:

This hot pink running jacket. I’ve shared it on the blog before, and I will say it again. The color pink, specifically hot pink, has magical speedy powers. I hope this theory proves true again come Sunday.

Number two:

Black cherry Clif Bloks. I think I’ve had enough mocha flavored Clif Shots to last me for awhile now, so I picked up these at the store to give them a try. These bloks are delicious…seriously…they are like big fruit snacks. They will definitely be stowed in in the pocket of my hot pink running jacket on Sunday.

Number three:

A pretty and sparkly pink headband ear warmer made by the one and only Mamzie (my grandma). I have worn a special creation from my Mamz at every big race I’ve done this year…my first race of the year, my first official race recap, my first half marathon, and my first marathon.

I have a funny story about this particular headband. In August I had asked her to make me a headband for my marathon. I said that I wanted a pink headband with a flat, sparkly flower on it. When I said headband, I was imagining a regular elastic headband to hold my hair from sweating into my eyes. When she heard headband, she imagined what you see above…an ear warmer. So, that is what she made…and ear warmer headband with a flat, sparkly flower.

“Mamaw, I can’t wear this in August in the 90 degree weather,” I had to tell her. She replied, “I thought it seemed odd that you wanted one.” She’s too cute.

So, I will be wearing that headband on Sunday…in much more appropriate temperatures.

My last two favorite things do not have to do with the race…

Number four:

This fabric. I will be creating something this weekend using this pretty awesome looking fabric. I wonder what it will be?!?!

And last but definitely not least, it wouldn’t be a complete favorites things list without a picture of this…

Number five:

Goodness she is cute!

Have a good weekend!!!


P.S.  I can’t forget a Friday affirmation! We are deserving of all things good in our lives. When something good happens to me, I can use that to do something good for another person.

A Friday Affirmation

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so looking forward to this weekend because Sunday is the twenty-eighth birthday of the most handsome man on the earth!

I have had this idea for awhile to start a series of affirmations on my blog. So, before the weekend begins, I wanted to leave you with the first ever Friday affirmation…

Tia even cherishes her pretty paws!

True story: When Matt and I got her we couldn’t decide on what to name her. She ended up being nameless for three days. We kept going back and forth suggesting different names…each of which the other one absolutely did not like. Matt, for instance, wanted to name her Slugger. Um, she’s a girl…we weren’t about to name her Slugger. I’m pretty sure he came up with a few other ridiculous names.

I, on the other hand, kept coming up with adorable names. One of the names I had come up with was Frenchie. I thought of the name because all four of her little paws had white fur on the tips…like a french manicure! The husband didn’t go for it.

We came up with her name on the fourth day of having her while the husband was brewing some sweet tea in the kitchen. He looked at the jug of tea and said, “Why don’t we name her Tea? Tea…a. Tia!” Oddly enough I loved it and it stuck!

So there you go…an affirmation and a cute story to start your weekend! Have a good one!


P.S. I’d love to have you be a part of my Friday Affirmation series with your own affirmation, so if you are interested e-mail me at a.habermehl@yahoo.com! Thanks!

Dear Diary Ramblings

Dear Diary,

I am writing this to “dear diary” instead of my dear readers because I’m not sure if any reader will make it to the end of this post. When I was younger…way younger…I used to write to “dear diary” (or “dear journal” when I got older…because “journal” is much more mature than “diary”) all the time. Now looking back, when I wrote to said diary or journal, I usually just rambled on about the day, or the week, or whatever was going on in my life at the time and how I felt about it.

Which is what I’m about to do now.

I’ve turned into a mail stalker. Well, a stalker of my own mail…which isn’t very helpful when someone parks their car in front of your mailbox so that the mailman cannot even put the mail into the mailbox. You see, I’m waiting for my letter of acceptance, or yet, rejection, to nursing school from the university here. Last March when I became a mail stalker for the exact same reason, I ended up being let down when the rejection letter came. Rejection letter. So negative. So cruel. So accurate. So messed up. Me…the person who put in one hundred and eleven percent to make sure I had to grades to get in. Didn’t. Get. In.


But I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up. I have already been accepted to another school for nursing. A different school. A great school. A school that is a little over an hour away from my husband’s job.

Oh. Therein-lies the problem.

But at least I have options. I’m not getting my hopes up. Or am I? I don’t know…I guess I’ll find out when the letter comes in.  Okay, so I think I am getting my hopes up, but I know I shouldn’t, so I’m trying (and failing) not to.

Okay, so I even sent a text message to our renters. “Hey, it’s Ang. Will you let me know if you get some mail for me from the University of Central Missouri?” I honestly don’t know which address the letter will be sent to. “No u dont have anthng frm there,” she says, “I will let u kno if somthng come.”

It doesn’t matter if the renters get the letter first and I cannot get it right away. All I have to know is if it’s a small envelope or a large envelope. Small equals no deal. Big equals accepted.

I know, Diary, you’re thinking why does it matter. You have already been accepted to another school. A good school…a great school. I am so thankful for that school, and I have even already put some money toward that school. But…I also know that means I’ll have to be away from my husband. Not all the time. Not everyday. But sometimes.

And I already know what that feels like. Just that “sometimes.” And I already know that I don’t like it.

We lived apart for the first five years of our relationship (dating). We survived it, but I didn’t like it. When Matt proposed to me I remember that he said, “I never want to be apart from you for the rest of my life.” Well, I’ve learned that sometimes wants are different that have tos. We lived apart for a semester last year (when we were married) when we were teaching in different cities. I was sad. It was hard. I could add a lot more three word sentences to describe to crappy (earmuffs) situation. We survived it…but that doesn’t mean I liked it.

I think that some people think I’m crazy. I moved away (not that far) to be with my husband. We spend most of our time together…just the two of us. We have fun together. All the time. Just the two of us. We argue, rarely, and then we have fun together again. When people refer to him as “my other half,” why then, they are absolutely correct. He really is my other half, and without him I am not me. At least I don’t feel like me.

So yes. I can get through it. We can survive it…being apart, I mean…but wouldn’t it be nice not to have to “survive” it again?

So yeah, I guess I’m getting my hopes up.

And why, you ask, am I bringing all this up now? Well, the husband is gone for the night for a coaching conference, and I watched some Grey’s Anatomy which made me think about my marriage (because Meredith and Derek just need to get over it already and make up (Grey’s seems a lot better when watched with a glass of wine) oh geez, I have parenthesis inside parenthesis now), and because I’ve had a couple glasses of wine. All perfectly good and explainable reasons. Yes?

And sometimes I feel sad. Sad because I want to have a baby. Like now. Not in three years. The husband has always been the one wanting to wait. He had this five year plan. I thought it was completely silly. Five years. Pffsssh! I thought I’d have a baby by twenty-five.

Definitely laughable now.

We want to wait until I’m done with school…and I’m the silly one who decided to go back to school. But a few weeks ago he put his hand on my stomach and said he couldn’t wait until we were going to have a baby. It made me feel all warm and happy inside, but I’m sure I just changed the subject by accusing him of calling me fat for rubbing his hand on my belly and even thinking about pregnancy. I do that a lot…accuse him of saying I’m fat…which is the most obscure and obscene thing in the world. He would never say anything other than the fact that he thinks I’m the most beautiful thing to have ever walked the earth. It has to be true, too, since he finds most actresses non-attractice. Or at least that’s what he tells me now. I guess he has to…ever since he told me he thought Jessica Biel was pretty I’ve accused him of having a major crush on her and wanting to marry her. But I think he means it.

He’s never made me feel anything less than a princess…since I was sixteen years old.

I guess life just turns out funny sometimes. I walk down the short hallway of our two-bedroom little duplex and wonder how we ever got here. It’s better than our last-even smaller-duplex, but nonetheless, not where I imagined I’d be at twenty-six. I look at my stack of anatomy and physiology books sitting on my desk and think it’s crazy that those ever ended up on my desk. Anyone who has ever known me never would have guessed I’d be going into nursing now. Why would I? I do art. I look at my little Tia’s face and think to myself how could I love anything else any more…but that’s because she is my baby.

But yet, even though things aren’t quite how I imagined…I know I’m still one of the lucky ones. I’ve overcome obstacles. I’ve rallied. I’ve persevered. And I’ve smiled and laughed and giggled more than most get the opportunity to.

And for that I’m thankful.

And if you made it to the end of this ridiculous post…for that I’m thankful, too.


Running Encouragement From Princess Tia

I am officially registered for my second ever half marathon, and day two of training goes down in the books! I am determined to set a new personal record for this half marathon, even though I am still extremely pleased with my first half marathon time. This means that I am trying to focus a lot more on my pace and incorporate more speed work into my routine.

Maybe I should take some running advice from my little baby Tia.

Let’s back it up…

I’m definitely a summer baby. I love the sunshine, the hot temperatures, swimming, being outside, and sweating. I love that I have my husband all to myself in the summer. I love everything about summer…that is, until I started seriously running.

Running in the humidity is utterly ridiculous.

So, I have to admit it, I’m kind of loving this fall weather right now. It’s cooler, but not too cool. The sun is still shining so vitamin D has not become a rarity yet. I can step outside without feeling like I’m going to suffocate. And best yet, Tia and I get to spend more quality time together outdoors!

I have taken her for a couple of run/walks with me, and she absolutely adores it! However, I get nervous having her little six pound body run for too long…her lungs are probably smaller than a couple slices of bread! I try to break it up by half miles…walk half a mile, run half a mile, walk half a mile, run half a mile.

Somehow, though, she always stays ahead of me. That little princess can run her little booty off! She uses the technique of a gazelle, I think…it doesn’t look like a dog’s run. Every now and then she will slow down to run next to me, or she’ll turn around and encourage me to catch up, “Come on Mom!” Sometimes she stops to smell something, and as I pass her, she runs up ahead again.

It’s kind of like running with a little kid. Have you ever been in a race where there was a ten year old boy running near you? You see them up ahead and think to yourself there’s no way I’m letting a little kid beat me! Then you see them slow to a walk and you think you’ve got them. But lo and behold, as soon as you make your way up to them, they take their little adolescent body and sprint ahead again…always staying in front of you.

Frustrating…but maybe they’ve got this running thing figured out. I know I haven’t yet!

I laced up my shoes this morning to complete a forty minute tempo run on the treadmill, and when she saw me putting on my running shoes she got excited. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure doggies aren’t allowed at the gym, so I had to break the news to her that she wasn’t going to run with me today.

I guess I’m just going to have to improvise and add a few more 2 miles run/walks into this new training plan!


Laugh in my Kitchen

This morning has been spent killing a few birds with one stone.

First of all I have practiced what life might be like when I have a child someday. No, I’m sorry, this “someday” is not going to be any day soon, but when I am a mother, I will be forced to be somewhat domesticated. This means that I might actually have cook for my family and occasionally vacuum the kitchen floor. Yes, I vacuum linoleum.

True story: I cut all my vegetables with a steak knife. In fact, I cut everything with a steak knife.

Oh dear, my  poor future little family.

Secondly, I have started the process of redeeming myself with my mother…and aunts and uncles…

Um, I think you get the picture.

However, don’t let me fool you. I am not being creative and making my own recipe here. That typically ends up as a failure that only the raccoons outside at night would enjoy. My husband now knows that he needs to have a plan B in mind if I ever decide to “get creative” with food, but he knows to talk some sense into me before I hit up the kitchen.

Thirdly, I have had the opportunity to talk to my mom on the phone this morning, which I know she appreciates more than she lets on, even if it was just to ask her how long to boil the chicken. (I have another question about her recipe, but she is not answering her phone!)

Fourth of all, I have learned that even though Tia adores carrots that does not mean she likes celery. And in fact, I have also learned her secret hiding place for the foods that I drop that she does not like…under the kitchen table on the dark rug where I cannot easily see it.

And last but not least, I have created what is going to be a delicious dinner for tonight. My family will be so proud!

I think it’s very fitting that I have decor that says “laugh” in my kitchen.



Reasons to Smile

Unfortunately, I haven’t really felt like writing lately. I’m sure this is pretty obvious since I haven’t been active on this blog since early last week. To be honest, I just can’t seem to get to feeling like myself lately and I don’t know why.

When I sat down to write today’s blog post, I didn’t have a plan of what I would write about. The first thoughts that came to my head were to complain about life and to whine about not having a real job or being in school. Yuck.

Instead, I realize that I have to power to overcome my horrendous mood by reminding myself all the things I have to be happy about right now.

Number one: Coffee.

I love my little Keurig and chai latte flavored creamer. The only negative about this is that I can only make one cup at a time.

Number two: My new planner.

It has the calendar for the month, and then it has pages for day by day. I love this because I can write a to-do list for every day…crossing things off a to-do list equals feeling productive…something I need!

Number three: Ali on the Run’s first marathon race recap! It has been beyond inspiring to read her blog as she has trained for her first marathon, all while battling Crohn’s disease and raising over $20,000 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Her recap brought tears to my eyes and made me want to run another marathon tomorrow!

Number four: KNMS girl’s volleyball.

My little volleyball team is having a great season so far, and they make me smile on a daily basis. I had a light bulb moment the other day when I was complaining to my running buddy about not currently being in school. She reminded me that if I was in school right now then I wouldn’t have been able to coach the girls. As much as I hope I’m teaching them about volleyball, competition, and being a team, they are a big part of my happiness right now, too. I need them.

Number five: My volleyball team’s homework assignment.

I asked each girl to write about their proudest moment or a time when they did something that didn’t think was possible. I loved reading each other their little stories, and yet again, they didn’t cease to make me smile (and giggle)!

Number six: Duh.

Does this one even need an explanation?

What is making you smile now?


What To Do Now? September Goals

I have spent the past five days attempting to be as lazy as I possibly could. (Successfully.)

I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’m getting a little bit antsy…every time I hear a blood-pumping song on the radio my legs get an itching to start running!

I definitely did not think I’d be wanting to get back up and run so soon after my marathon. I heard many people say that as soon as their first marathon was over they vowed never to run one again…heck, even to never run again. I prepared myself to feel the same way and I was convinced that after awhile I’d have to drag myself back up to go for a run. However…now I don’t think that is going to be a problem.

I do feel a little bit lost though. My training plan is still pinned up on my refrigerator…completely filled out with pretty purple stars. I kind of don’t want to take it down. All my running clothes are…drumroll please…clean. My hair actually smells like shampoo…not sweat…or sweat mixed with love spell body spray (I think the husband appreciates this one).

After I achieved my New Year’s resolution and finished my half marathon back in April, I knew that I had to just keep going. That’s when and why I decided to run a marathon. Now, since I have finished my first marathon, I have to decide what is next!!! This fall and winter I do not have very much going on, so it will be the perfect time to knock out some new goals before I start classes for nursing school! (Oh my goodness, it sounds awesome to say that!) I asked the hubs what he thought I should do next and his response was the train for an ultra marathon (probably with a pinch of sarcasm thrown in)! Don’t worry mom, my immediate and natural response was, “Yeah right!!!” However, I do see another half marathon, maybe another full, and definitely another 5K in my future.

So without further ado…September Goals!

1.   Find a new race to sign up for! This can be either a 5K, 10K, or half marathon (or all three!)

2.   Make a new workout schedule, even if it does not revolve around a race plan or goal. I know that working out makes me feel oh-so-happy, so even if it is not working toward a particular race, I need to find out how to keep exercising anyway.

3.   Strength train at least two times a week. I have never felt so strong in my life and I want to keep feeling that way. Maybe by the end of the year I’ll be able to do a pull-up! (Should that be a goal, too?)

4.   Blog more! Summer is nearly over, the hubs is back to work, and I am currently not taking any classes, so there is no excuse not to share my whole life, every detail, with you on a daily basis! I’m just kidding, but I do want to participate in the blog world more!

5.   Finish unpacking a decorating our new place. This might be a long shot considering that when we lived in our house I never accomplished this in almost three years, but I’m getting closer here.

6.   Do yoga. My gym offers yoga classes, so I definitely need to look into the cost of that. If it costs too much, then I own my own yoga mat, I just need to make myself do it!

7.   Cook. I was going to say “cook more” but I don’t think I’ve earned the right to say that. By “cook” I mean more than popping in a frozen pizza, boiling a pot of noodles (plain with no butter or sauce), or microwaving some canned soup. Do you have any suggestions for easy recipes for two? (By easy I mean super-duper-I’m-a-terrible-cooker-and-will-mess-it-up-if-it’s-too-hard recipes!)

8.   Find a book to read and think about starting a new book club series. Any suggestions for books? I’ve heard a lot of hype about The Help and would like to read the book before seeing the movie. I’ve also heard a lot about other books here in the bloggie world. What are you reading right now?

9.   Create something artsy. I went to college for art and have tons of art supplies just sitting around…so why not use them!

10.  Enjoy life! Yes, I love setting goals and then killing them, but it is also so important just to enjoy the moment you are in! I’m going to try not to stress the small things and just have some fun!

What are your September goals?! Do share!


P.S. I am completely overwhelmed by all the love and support and comments from my marathon recap. There have been so many people say that I am their inspiration…but in all honesty…YOU ALL have been MY inspiration! Thank you!!!

Happy Birthday Tia Baby!

In case you didn’t know, Sunday was my little baby Tia’s third birthday!

Princess Tia

Yes, I'm a princess!

She was sooo excited to get her new birthday bone! (She is very hard to photograph because she moves so fast!)

Mommy, give it to me!

Then we spent the late afternoon and evening playing in our new backyard. Tia loves looking out at the creek.

Yes, I am a gooooood girl!


Thank you everyone for all the birthday love!


love, ang and Ti-ti