What To Do With Those Funky Foam Sticks?!

A few weeks ago I asked you all about foam rollers. After hearing all your responses, I ultimately decided that I needed one! I made a trip to the running store in search of one.

Thirty-seven dollars. Thirty-seven dollars?!

My running shoes were already one hundred dollars, and the marathon I am signing up for in August is eighty dollars, not to mention the other various races I want to participate in this summer…this just seems like a lot of money, so why would I spend thirty-seven more dollars for something that I can make.

Yes. You read that right. I can make a foam roller. (I realize this makes me sound cheap…and I don’t really like the word cheap…so I’m going to prove that instead of me being cheap, that I am actually creative!)

Ingredients: 1/2″ by 24″ copper pipe (Lowe’s plumbing department), duct tape (Wal-Mart), 6″ funky foam craft sticks (Hobby Lobby), hot glue gun and glue sticks, and a towel (so you don’t get hot glue on your craft area.)

Step One: Start by wrapping one end of the copper pipe with duct tape to use as the handle for the foam roller.Step Two: Take a strip of funky foam and wrap it into a circle (it must be a little more than 1/2″ so that it will fit around the copper pipe). Use the hot glue gun to permanently glue the foam in place as you continue to wrap it. You will need to wrap at least 4 funky foam strips for it to be thick enough.Now you have one finished foam roll.Keep rolling funky foam strips until you have enough foam rolls to fill up the entire bar (only leaving room at the ends for the handles).

Step Three: Once you are finished creating your foam rolls, slide them onto your copper pipe.Step Four: After all your foam rolls are on the copper pipe, take the duct tape and wrap it around the other end of the copper bar to create the other handle. Make sure to wrap the handles with enough duct tape so that the foam rolls cannot slide off.And now you have a cute, finished, homemade foam roller!Step five: Roll all your muscle soreness away!