If It Wasn’t Meant To Be, Then It Wouldn’t Have Been

Now to continue on with my weekend festivities

I was very excited to have my first trip to a winery this past weekend…that was until my mom informed me that I had been to a winery before. I thought how would she know if I’d been to a winery before…I think I’d know if I had. She then informed me that her and my Mamaw (actually my grandma…but she is not a grandma, she is called Mamaw) had taken my aunt and me to a winery when we were little.


So, my second trip to a winery this past weekend was…

The gorgeous Heather and Casey!

A M A Z I N G…

and B E A U T I F U L…

and D E L I G H T F U L…

and M E M O R A B L E…

and D E L I C I O U S…

and H I L A R I O U S (silly faulty picnic tables!)!!!

And can I just say, that I have the best friends ever!We talked about how lucky we all are to have each other…how three (or more!) is not a crowd for us…how we should start a book club (hence…why the book club was born!)…and how crazy it is that we all became friends.

If my husband hadn’t been best friends with Heather’s husband all their lives, I would have never met her…and if her husband would’ve married someone else, then I would never have met her either…and if Heather had never met Casey in grad school…and if Casey would have always thought Heather looked like a snobby girl…and if Heather hadn’t invited Casey to go to Bunco…it could go on and on!!!!!

Thank goodness that God knew we needed each other.

And thank goodness for bananas in purses.

And thank goodness for Casey’s hubby for picking us up. A designated driver is always a necessity.

We were meant to be. If it wasn’t meant to be, then it wouldn’t have been.


A Post For A Shrub

There is this girl. She is amazing. Beyond amazing. She is stunning.

She is gorgeous…like, stop-in-your-tracks, drop-what-you’re-doing-and-stare kind of gorgeous. She’s always been that beautiful…even when she was a little girl. Even when she had big huge framed glasses and crazy, frizzy, curly hair.

She is hilarious…the kind of funny where you’re laughing so hard that you have tears in your eye, and you may have even peed your pants a little bit. 

She tells me that she has always looked up to me…and still does. I feel honored that someone as remarkable and intelligent as her looks up to me. She is astonishingly smart, yet, the thing I don’t think she quite understands is this…

…I look up to her and admire her so much. More than she can comprehend.

A year ago she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Social Work, and today she is graduating with her Masters in Social Work.

She has helped so many people. She has helped find homes for the unfortunate people who didn’t have anywhere to go. She has helped women find hope that have been living a difficult lifestyle. She is only twenty-three, yet her clients look to her for advice and understanding. She means the world to them, and to anyone that has the pleasure to know her. She means the world to me.

She has grown up to become one of the most amazing people I know.

I’m sorry that I cannot be there with her as she crosses the stage tonight, but I will be there in spirit.

Maggie, I love you, and I am so proud of you. Keep inspiring.

Please leave her some bloggie-love!


Training For the Olympics

After my race on Saturday, I had to text or call everyone I knew to let them know how I did.  When I spoke with my mom-in-law later that day she asked me if I came in first.  I asked her if she was joking…but she was completely serious!  I told her no, and that the first place runners  probably would come in under forty minutes or so.

Later when we were talking, she kept bringing up the race and saying how amazing she thought I did.  While I felt I did amazing too, obviously not as amazing as she thought…

You see, she thought I ran the half marathon in fifty-three minutes, but I ran a 10K in fifty-three minutes! She asked me if that meant I ran a quarter of a mile in one minute…she had been bragging to all her co-workers all morning about it!

Oh Donna, I would definitely be an olympian if that were actually the case…I’ll start working on that!

If you can't tell, this picture is fake. It is a very poor photoshop job of cutting and pasting my head onto the body of a real Olympic runner.