On October Seventh…

…at 4:30 in the morning I jumped out of bed, put two long french braids in my hair, and applied two coats of waterproof mascara.

…at 5:30 in the morning my husband dropped me off somewhere in the middle of downtown Chicago and I nonchalantly followed a group of strangers in running shoes who looked like they knew where they were going. As I walked the sidewalks of Chicago I felt so small between the seemingly never-ending streets of skyscrapers. Butterflies filled my stomach, not because of what I was about to do, but because I was here in this big city for the first time in my life.

…at 7:10 in the morning I nervously waited in line with hundreds of other runners waiting to use the oh-so-delightful porta-potties.

…at 7:20 in the morning I made my way to my corral and held my head way up high for having the privilege to be in corral C. Everyone around me looked like pretty serious runners…and there I was…right there with them. And then I started to tear up (cue praises for waterproof mascara). I looked all around me at the people, the runners, the buildings, the skyscrapers. How lucky was I to get to be right there in the middle of Chicago about to run one of the biggest marathons in the world.

I quickly blinked those tears away. I needed to look serious. Focused. Hard-core. (Because hot pink nails, shorts, headband, and shoelaces emit hard-core, right?)

…at 7:30 in the morning I was off! I was running my third marathon in a beautiful city that I had never seen with my own two eyes before.

And this is where my minute-by-minute memory seems to fail me. It’s hard to put this race recap into coherent words in a time-wise sequence. The entire twenty-six point two miles were quite a blur of events, emotions, thoughts, and googly-eyed smiles.

What I do remember is the hundreds and hundreds of spectators screaming, ringing bells, snapping photos, and cheering us all on…from the very second the race started. At the one mile mark I saw one spectator holding a sign that read Only Twenty-Five More Miles To Go! I remember thinking that he must be a real mean guy. I also remember at one mile my Garmin ticking at eight minutes and five seconds. That’s when any strategy of going out slow, conserving energy, or running smart flew right out the window.

That morning when I was getting ready I had plastered the pace tattoo on my right forearm for a lofty finishing goal time of 3:45. I remember as each of those beginning miles passed coming in thirty seconds…one minute…two minutes under pace for that goal.

I remember crossing over each timing mat, thinking about my friends and family who were keeping track of me. I could picture my dad’s proud smile and my mom’s worried face. I wanted to push on to make them proud. And then I remember PRing my 10K time.

I remember running past Elvis singing on stage.

I remember the spectators that had a table set up with cups, orange juice, and champagne. They had a sign that said Stop For Mimosas. I remember really wanting a mimosa.

I remember beaming when I PRed my half marathon time.

I remember one spectator yelling, “Go braided hair girl!” I remember high fiving a row of little kids. I remember all the signs that read Run (insert name here) Run! and thinking that they were all intended for me. I remember running way too fast, but before I could convince myself to slow down I told myself that this could be my last marathon for awhile so I’d better not run with any regrets.

I remember passing the 3:45 pacing crew. Then, somewhere around mile twenty, I remember them passing me back up. Before I let any negative thoughts enter my mind, I reminded myself that I truly was giving it my all.

I remember my pace faltering, ever-so-slightly during those last five miles. But I also remember the energizing salsa music, the smell of deep-dish pizza, the band blaring Lady Gaga, and all the wonderful volunteers eagerly waiting to give me water. And I remember willing myself to continue on.

I remember thinking of my girlfriend who was also running the race. I remembered her telling me that she sings Little Nemo songs in her head as she runs. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Just keep running, just keep running

I remember counting down the last mile. Eight hundred meters. Four hundred meters. I remember that hill, the only hill as I rounded the corner with barely a quarter of a mile left. I remember thinking that it was pure evil. But then I remembered the crowd…the bleachers full of spectators…the fact the my husband was waiting somewhere in the runner meet up area for me.

And I pushed on.

I remember crossing that finish line. My third marathon finish line…on October 7th at 11:23 in the morning. A feeling indescribable. Unworthy of complete sentences.

…and at 11:35 in the morning a nice lady poured my a beer. She said, “Honey, you just ran a marathon and your mascara isn’t even messed up!”

Three hours, forty-eight minutes and thirty-four seconds of heart-filled, gosh darn hard work.

On October 7th, 2012, all the early morning wake-up calls, all the long runs, all the hot pink nail polish and waterproof mascara sure became worth the feeling of 3:48.54.



Five Favorite Marathon-Obsessed Things

I’m seriously in love with a few new things right now…and it all has to do with my marathon! 🙂 I look back on pretty much anything and everything that had to do with the marathon or that day nostalgically. Yesterday when I got dressed I thought aawww…these were the shorts I wore when I ran my first marathon! When I made breakfast this morning I thought yummm…this was what I ate before my first marathon! I see that one lonely mocha Clif Shot sitting on the counter and I think poor little thing…I don’t know when I am going to eat you again. I feel a little bit sad that my flowers are dying and that my tan lines from my running shirt from that day are starting to fade.

So…besides shorts, edible gel, and dead flowers, what are my favorite things?

Favorite thing number one: The fact that I still have all ten of my little hot pink toenails!

I was terrified that they’d all fall off after the race after everything I’ve heard from other runners, but it’s been six days and all ten of them are holding on strong!

Favorite thing number two: Hot pink nail polish with super powers that makes you feel good and run fast!

I had all ten fingers and and all ten toes painted in this rockin’ color on race day, and it had to have had super powers. I literally remember looking down at my hand, seeing the hot pink and thinking to myself go faster. Weird, I know, but I’m telling the truth.

Favorite thing number three: The North Face water bottle!

This little baby saved my life. I knew that all the runners would be required to carry hydration with them for the entirety of the race and I had never done that before so I was nervous. I went out shopping for a water bottle with a hand strap the night before and I found one for eighteen dollars. I opted not to spend my life savings (a little over dramatic? Maybe…) to buy a water bottle and just told myself I’d carry a regular old plastic one if I had to. When we got to the race I saw that they were giving out these North Face bottles to all the runners for free, and I was super excited to see they were black and pink!

Once the race started I really didn’t even notice I was holding it. It didn’t feel heavy and I definitely needed the hydration! I can’t even remember how many times I filled it up! I know that I refilled it every mile after twenty…it was hot!

Favorite thing number four: My first 26.2 shirt!

True story…I had to pull this shirt out of the dirty laundry basket to take a photo of it.

It’s kind of a funny story with this t-shirt. When I went to packet pick-up the day before the race they asked me if I wanted a black or a white shirt. I chose black because I figured the white one would get see-through-ish if I ran in it. After they gave you the shirt you had to take it to another tent to get it screen printed for your particular race (pretty cool idea!) I handed the screen print guy my black shirt, he screen printed it then handed it back to me.

Uuummm…it was black ink on a black shirt.

I was too afraid to ask for a new one, but I really really really wanted a cute shirt for my first marathon! So, the next day after my race I had my mom go trade it in for a different one. They gave her that pretty orange-y-coral-y color that I loved and she took it to go get screen printed.

Well…they screen printed it for the marathon relay race.

She went back again, traded it in again, and had it screen printed with 26.2. Third time’s a charm! Now I want to wear it everyday…maybe it’ll motivate me to do the laundry a little more often. 🙂

Favorite thing number five: My North Face Endurance Challenge medal!

I only have one question. Is this an acceptable form of jewelry? Please say yes.

I think I’m a little obsessed. 🙂