In less than twenty-four hours I will be…
…in Mexico!

The hubs and I got in town yesterday morning for some pre-vacation festivities, starting off with a spray tan party for the girls! It was my first experience with a spray tan, and I was super nervous! (Pretty much anything makes me nervous…getting my hair done, getting a spray tan, the possibility of my nail polish chipping, running next to woods, the possibility of being bit by a shark….the list could go on and on.) I was in good company and after some talking, I decided to be brave and go for it! Haha…oh, the scary things in life.

After the tan, I took my sticky body shopping for last minute vacation items…flip flops, swimsuit cover, hat, and of course…
…a new KU shirt for the hubs! Shopping is always good! 🙂

After shopping we headed to the golf course for eighteen holes of fun and relaxation (well, fun and relaxation for me, but high stress for the hubby).
I must admit…I am not a very good golfer, but I like going and trying to be good! I usually only go a couple times a year, and yesterday was my first time since last summer.

I was pleasantly surprised! I really think that my strength training has totally helped my drive!

After golf we went to my in-laws and stayed the night…this morning I got in my long run of the week (13 miles!) with a girlfriend, painted my nails, and finished packing…which brings me to the present! I am blogging from my phone as I sit in the airport terminal!
(A beach bag doubles as a carry-on, right?!)

And folks, (folks?), I’m about to board! We have a layover tonight, so you may get a quickie post in the morning! If not, ¡adios! and I’ll see you next week!!!