Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Did you know I ran in a race last weekend?

Yep, that’s right. I ran a 5K! It was supposed to be the competition between my husband and me, but we decided a few days before just to run it for fun…especially since there were over 30,000 people registered for the race!

We woke up very early, loaded up the car, and headed toward Kansas City! We stopped to pick up our friends and made it to the race sight just in time to scavenger to find a bathroom and make it to the race start. I was so worried about making it there in time, especially with so many people, but of course I had to stop and have our picture taken!

He loves me!

This race was very special to me because my mother battled breast cancer eleven years ago, and I thank God every day that she kicked it’s booty!

Somehow we made it near the front of the pack before the race started, and before we knew it we were off! It was the perfect weather for a race, especially considering the fact that it’s mid-August! Running through downtown was absolutely beautiful and it got me really excited to be running my marathon through the sames streets. There were bands on every corner, and there were several times I wanted to stop and start dancing! (The other racers probably wouldn’t have appreciated that!)

I was feeling amazing as the tenths of miles just kept passing by.  There were a few times the hubs told me to go on ahead of him, but all the fun of this race was running with him! After twenty-seven minutes and thirty-one seconds we crossed the finish line together, and he officially finished his very first 5K race! (I’m working on getting him to run a half mary now! Ha, wish me luck!)

Go Matty! (He probably wouldn’t be too happy I posted this picture! 🙂 Good thing he doesn’t read this!)

After we finished we headed back to watch all the thousands of people cross through the finish line, and especially to find these three people…

…Rob, my momma, and my sister! They all did the 5K also!

I am so proud of all of them for participating and completing the race! My mom looked especially ravishing sporting her special Susan G. Komen survivor t-shirt!

It was truly a special event…at the finish volunteers handed out a pink rose to all of the survivors…and let me tell you, there were tons of ladies in pretty pink survivor shirts throughout the entire race.

It was just so good to see so many people of all ages, races, sex, ability, ect. coming together for an amazing cause. It truly strengthens one’s hope in humanity. So inspiring!

And again, more so than running the race with the goal of setting a new personal record, I was just so excited to get to experience this with my husband by my side and with my family there, too! I am so proud!

The hubs and I still will compete in a 5K, we are just going to pick a later date and hopefully a little bit smaller race! I think he’s a little more nervous now, though!



My Pinky Toes in the Sand – Part Dos

When the sun goes down…

Goodnight ocean. I'll see you tomorrow.

JR and Heather

Me (in heels, mind you) and the hubs

I think he's had enough of these pictures!

At the bar

Hey waiter, will you tell those girls we think they're pretty?



The whole gang

Adios 🙂


Tia Knows What Time It Is

Exhibit 1: The hubby cleaned our little duplex this weekend. Yes, he cleaned it! I woke up from a nap and Wah Lah, it was clean!

Tia's "toy box"

Exhibit 2: Tia is ready for some fun!

It's time to play.

Exhibit 3:

No more clean house.

Exhibit 4: These are Tia’s favorite toys.

Tia's monkeys. The first one is actually a squirrelbit (half squirrel, half case you didn't know.)

Did she pick any of her monkey’s to play with? No.

Exhibit 5: She must know, just like her daddy, that the weather is getting warmer, and it’s the perfect time for golf.

Her toy of choice!

Like father, like daughter!

Putting for birdie!

If you haven’t seen this morning’s post, please check it out and share your running advice! }


Lesson in Physiology

Since my girlfriends and I started running this year, we have tried to get our husbands to join us. The first race we ran was a 4 miler called Love to Run. This race was the day before Valentine’s Day and you could sign up as a couple with your significant other. I asked the hubs to sign up with me, and without any hesitation he said, “No. I don’t love to run.”

I asked him to join me in the other three races I’ve done after Love to Run, and I’ve gotten the same answer every time. No way.

There is really only one way that I can get him to do something he really, really does not want to do. That is by making a bet!The bet…

…if I can run a 5K under 24 minutes sometime during the beginning of the summer, he will run a 5K with me by the end of the summer.

Can I do it? I really don’t know. I’ve never ran that fast before…like…ever! Since I’ve been back in school taking prerequisites for nursing, I have learned a lot about anatomy and physiology of the human body…some of which makes me think that a sub-24 minute 5K is possible for me, and some that makes me think it could be impossible.

Now on to the lesson and why I think that it is possible.

There are three different kinds a fatigue that a person can experience, not just the kind that is caused by the buildup of lactic acid. The first kind is psychological fatigue. This is when you perceive that you are tired (like when you have just finished the fifth mile of your long, eleven mile run) and you don’t want to do something anymore. This type of fatigue you can overcome.

When I started running this year, I kept this little fact in my mind. This helped me keep going, even when I did not want to go anymore.

The second kind of fatigue is neurological fatigue, and it usually does not affect the muscles.

The third kind of fatigue is physiological fatigue. This is the type of fatigue that is caused by a buildup of lactic acid. An increase in acid in the muscle fibers causes a drop in pH and alters the oxygen carrying capacity of the myoglobin, which leads to oxygen deprivation in the muscles. This also leads to a buildup of carbon dioxide in the muscles. The body cannot overcome this kind of fatigue.

Not many people get to the point of physiological fatigue. I know I have never been there.Lesson two…

…there are three types of muscle fiber types in the human body. There are fast twitch glycolytic muscles fibers. This type has the fastest response time, they are the largest in diameter, they create very forceful contractions, and they fatigue quickly. They require less oxygen than other muscle fiber types. When you think of fast twitch glycolytic, think of body builders.

The second type of muscle fibers are called fast twitch oxidative. This is an intermediate type that is between fast twitch glycolytic and slow twitch oxidative.

Slow twitch oxidative muscle fibers have a slower response time, they are the thinnest in diameter, they get tired more slowly and sustain contractions for a longer period of time. They require more oxygen than the other muscle fiber types. When you think of slow twitch oxidative, think of elite marathon runners.

And now why I think it just might be impossible for me to run a sub-24 minute 5K…every person has a unique mixture of muscle fiber types, but the ratio what you have is all about genetics. (Only the intermediate fibers have the capability of converting to fast twitch fibers.) If I have mostly fast twitch glycolytic fibers, then I’m never going to have the highest endurance. Vice versa, if I have mostly slow twitch fibers, I’m never going to be a body builder (well, I guess I probably already knew that!)

The thing about it is, I don’t know what muscle fiber types my body is made of…but what I do know is I have been surprising myself lately, so I’m going to find a race sometime in June, and try my gosh-darn hardest to run it fast!