Better Add Some Down Dog In There

I’ve redecorated my living room…

…with a yoga mat.

I’ve been wanting to get back into yoga for a long time now. However, my yoga mat has been sitting in the backseat of my car never being used for close to a year. Poor little thing. Finally, yesterday, I decided to let it’s pretty pinkness back into my life…in the middle of my living room nevertheless.

So far I’ve only stepped on it a couple of times, only for a few minutes each time…but when I do I choose a pose that I love (i.e. triangle pose!) and it feels so darn good to be doing it. However, since I’m in the pose while watching the blaring television at the same time, I’m not sure you can actually call it yoga.

I’m definitely not a yoga guru, although I pretty much wish I was. Let’s go ahead and add become a certified yoga instructor to the bucket list. I’ve only ever taken a few beginner yoga classes, but I’ve always loved the way yoga makes me feel. The problem is that there are no yoga classes in town (that I am aware of) and I just feel silly doing yoga by myself in my home. Sure I know a few poses and feel great about my technique, but I have no ability to come up with sequences, fluidity, or anything that makes sense. Warrior 1, okay good. Um, next? How about pigeon? Better add some down dog in there.

See. Silliness. No good. (Maybe I should rethink that bucket list thing…)

There are a few things that I do know about yoga, though. Yoga helped me become a runner. I was doing yoga consistently when I was training for my first half marathon. Yoga helped me learn how to control my breathing which helped prepare me for the long distance. Yoga is a good stretch. Obviously. And stretching helps prevent injury. Lastly, yoga is good for the mind and for the heart.

It’s time to go hit up my studio!


P.S. Does anyone have any at-home yoga advice?! Please help!!!